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The Future Fund

Through the Future Fund Dundas residents have the opportunity to make a significant contribution to their community

Established in 1998, it helped Dundas Community Services realize its long-term goals of financial stability and independence. The fund can have important implications for potential donors and their estate planning. Contributions to DCS, a registered charity, may be an effective vehicle for managing your tax burden or in a will can be particularly advantageous to estate planners due to recent changes in the tax rules.
The Future Fund provides support for new initiatives and capital needs. It permits us to do the long-term planning that is vital if we are to maintain the dynamic, flexible approach to community service programs that has been the core of our operation for more than 40+ years.
The Future Fund is similar to many endowments and scholarships in that your donation will exist in perpetuity. Investment income from the Fund helps provide the stable ongoing funding environment we need to offer the unique combination of programs and services the people of Dundas have come to expect from us.


Support DCS

Adapting to the changing needs of the community is a DCS hallmark.

To plan for the future and respond effectively to emerging social trends, DCS must have the financial flexibility to develop and implement programs and other support services that are not part of our operating budget. The Future Fund significantly helps fill this need by providing a continuing source of discretionary income.

Requests for community information have been going up by about 200 calls each year and similar increases have occurred in our other programs and services. Demographic indicators and community consultations predict that demand will continue to rise. The Future Fund is one way DCS is successful in maintaining and enhancing our current level of service to the Dundas community.

It costs around $2,600 or more per month for a senior citizen to stay in a retirement home. That cost might be paid by an individual, family, government or church, but it will be paid. A regular friendly visit, friendly call or ride to the doctor’s office may allow a senior or a person with a disability to continue living independently in their own home. Our volunteers perform these services at minimal cost. By supporting DCS, you will help us to help others using limited resources efficiently.

We’re cost-effective and fiscally responsible and we have a history of annual balanced budgets. The distinct character and particular needs of the Dundas community is our concern – a concern the Future Fund allows us to address.
Dundas Community Services has been putting people first for more than 40 years. Your contribution will help us to keep that commitment well into the future.