Operation Snow Shovel

What is Operation Snow Shovel?

Dundas Community Services launched this intergenerational program in 1992. It matches responsible students with seniors and/or persons with disabilities who need to have their walk ways into the house, steps, porch, public side walk and area to park their vehicle cleared of snow and ice and who are unable to pay for snow removal for various reasons.
It is a voluntary program where students gain volunteer hours that can be applied to their required 40 hours of volunteer work for their Ontario Secondary School Diploma.
The success of Operation Snow Shovel depends on a commitment and a full understanding of what is expected from both the student and the person needing the service.

Who benefits?

Both residents and students. The resident can count on a reliable student to clear away the snow when it comes and the student gets a job. In addition, seniors, persons with disabilities and young people have an opportunity to meet each other and build relationships.

How does the program work?

Students apply at Dundas Community Services. Residents fill out an information sheet that describes what their needs are for the winter season.DCS interviews the student and makes a match with the resident. When possible, students will be matched with residents from their neighborhood. After the match has been made, the student needs to meet with the resident. At that time, student and resident talk about what they expect from each other and decide on payment.
What if there is a problem?

If the student does not show up, try calling the student at home first. If you have a problem or question, contact Dundas Community Services at 905-627-5461.

For more information please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 905-627-5461
If you would like to Register for Operation Snow Shoveling you can fill out our online registration form.