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Meals on Wheels

Our Meals on Wheels program meets the nutritional needs of seniors or those with health concerns in our community of Dundas who have difficulties preparing meals for themselves. Get hot meals delivered or pick up frozen meals from our office.

** Dundas Residents Only Please **

Frozen Meals
Hot Meals
FAQ's - Frozen Meals

Wednesday between 11:00am to 1:00pm, or pickup in office as early as 11:00am Wednesday.

Each Entrée: $6.50
Each Soup: $3.00
Each Dessert: $2.25

Delivery: Free with the order of at least 4 Entrees. Clients below 4 Entrees are ineligible for delivery at this time and must pick up in-office.

Simply call our office at 905-627-5461 to place an order. Ask about options over the phone or view our menu HERE.

Clients must order depending on the schedule, viewable HERE.

Clients can order as many or as few of each option as they desire and as frequently or infrequently as they desire.

Delivery: Seniors or older adults living in Dundas and not beyond the railway line at Sydenham and York Road or beyond the Conservation Area on Governor’s Road (Ask the coordinator to see if you qualify). (Delivery only with the purchase of 4 or more entrees).

Pickup: Anyone!

Frozen Meals Reheating Instructions

(Recommended) Defrost in Fridge Overnight
(Required) Peel Back One Corner of Packaging

Microwave Instructions

Set Power to Medium.
Heat for 4-5 Minutes.

Oven Instructions

Preheat Oven to 325°F.
Place on Cookie Sheet.
Heat for 30 Minutes.

Dessert and Soup Instructions (Microwave Only)

Lift corner of plastic or pierce with a fork.
Reheat on Medium Power for 2 Minutes.

Accepted payments:
– In-person debit/credit/cash payment
– Cheque made out to Dundas Community Services
– E-transfer to Finance@dundascommunityservices.com
– Over the phone credit payment at 905-627-5461
Clients are invoiced monthly through mail.

Our friendly community volunteers deliver your meals in disposable containers. Volunteers have been screened by a Vulnerable Sector Check and personal interview.

The meals are prepared by Ina Grafton, a long-term care facility in St. Catherines.

Entrees include a protein, starch, and vegetable. Soups and dessert vary by option selected. Utensils not included.


Vegetarian and pureed meals are available. The majority of meal options are low sodium and nutritious. We are sadly unable to provide vegan or gluten-free options at this time.

In the case of inclement weather, meal delivery will be cancelled for the protection of our volunteers. Clients should keep a supply of easy-to-prepare frozen or canned food. All clients will be called in the event of a cancellation.

Should you wish to cancel the delivery of a meal, you must call our office by 9:30am Wednesday.

Register for Meals on Wheels

Registration forms may be completed online or filled out and delivered to Dundas Community Services. For more information, please contact the Meals on Wheels Coordinator at 905-627-5461

Client Testimonials

“With Meals on Wheels, I can continue living in my home”
Meals on Wheels Client

For more information or to join please contact us at 905-627-5461 or fill out the form below.

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