Dundas Community Services

Short Term Counselling and Referral

Dundas community services, employees manager of community and senior outreach who assist with a variety of request to empower residence through information and referral services to community resources.

We provide in person, online and phone services to Dundas residence and online/phone services to residence in the greater city of Hamilton.

Our counselling assistance and Crisis Intervention is short-term and focusses on referring client to longer-term services.

We offer short term, counselling, advocacy and system navigation assistance to help with many of life’s challenges. Assistance with government applications is available, such as completing city housing applications, DARTS/accessible, transportation, pension, and ODSP applications.

** Please note that we do not provide legal, medical or financial advice.

For more information or to book and appointment, please call 905-627-5461 or email us at: outreach@dundascommunityservices.com 

Free Income tax program!

Dundas Community Services also provides an annual free tax preparation program for Dundas residence of any age with a modest income and a simple tax situation.

You can use our program if:

  • your income is below $35 000 (single + $2500 for each dependent) or below $45 000
    (couple + 2500 for each dependent)
  • your income comes from employment income (T4), pension benefits (CPP, OAS, RRIF) or social benefits (ODSP, EI, OW)
  • you have receipts for your deductions (rent, medical, child care, property tax, RRSP contribution, transit pass, tuition, etc.)

Connect with us to register or for more information!

This program is part of the Canada Revenue Agencies, Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP). All Dundas Community Services’ Income Tax Program volunteers are reviewed and approved by the CRA. Unfortunately, volunteers cannot prepare returns for individuals who, in the income tax year, have self-employment income, business or rental income and expenses, capital gains or losses, employment expenses, file for bankruptcy, died, or have a spouse who died.


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