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About Us

Dundas Community Services was initiated as the Dundas Community Development Council in 1972 following a needs study conducted by the Greater Hamilton YMCA. The Association of Dundas Churches, who had called for the study, appointed the first officers of the new organization.

Mission: Our Mission is to guide, facilitate, and connect seniors and individuals to supportive services.
Vision: Our Vision is to be the number one trusted source helping Dundas seniors and residents live a healthy, supported life in a connected, caring, and inclusive community.

D ependable

U nderstanding

N on-judgemental

D edicated

A dvocating

S upportive

What We Do

Nestled at the heart of Dundas, DCS stands as a registered non-profit charity with a vital role to play. Our focus is on providing an array of invaluable programs and services that cater to the needs of seniors and individuals requiring assistance within the Dundas community. Guided by our mission, we serve as a bridge, actively connecting and facilitating access to supportive services. Whether you’re a senior seeking guidance or an individual in need, DCS is dedicated to making a meaningful difference in your life.

Our Board Members

Peter Curtis


Pete Kerigan

Vice Chair & Finance Chair

Erin Holl

Board Member

Alex Wilson

Board Member

John Merrill

Board Member

Mary Anne Tangney

Board Member

Tom Bontje

Board Member

Ben Winch

Board Member

Our Staff Members

Nora Copeland – Manager of Seniors Support Programs coordinator@dundascommunityservices.com

Cara-Beth Gratzfeld – Manager of Community & Seniors Outreach Programs

Pat Wintemute – Finance Administrator finance@dundascommunityservices.com

Lisa Spenler – Office and Programs Assistant dcsadmin@dundascommunityservices.com

Melanie Barlow – Executive Director director@dundascommunityservices.com

DCS Board of Directors board@dundascommunityservices.com

Supporting Dundas for Over 50 years!

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Drives to Medical Appointments/Grocery Assistance
Participants in Community Education Programs

Save the date for our seniors fair!
happening at the St. Joseph's villa on Thursday, June 6th, 2024.
Our theme this year is, "empowered aging."

Our Programs are Partially Supported By Grants from:

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